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4.0.1 - (2021.02.12)

Đã sửa một số lỗi trong những tính năng quản trị! Tích hợp hệ thống chống spam!

4.0 - (2021.02.03 - Pre Release)

Added NPM Package Search command. Get more information here. nn_npmsearch
Added Steam Game command. Get more information here. nn_steamsearch
Added remind command. Get more information here. nn_remind
Added emojify text command. Get more information here. nn_emojify
Added new game called Hangman. Get more information here. nn_hangman
Added join and leave commands for people who just want to AFK with bot. nn_join && nn_leave
Added Toxic checking command. nn_toxic && nn_toxic--
Tweaked the set nickname command nn_nickname.
Fixed wrong arguments on nn_userinfo

3.3 - (2021.01.23)

Added typefast command. You can play this to try your keyboard-typing skill. :) Get more information here.
Added more meme-making commands.
Added chinese-year commands. Get zodiac animal name of a year. More information here.
Making feedback by using nn_feedback or click the link here.
Như bạn đã biết, tôi đang rất bận học nên tần suất cập nhật sẽ diễn ra rất chậm hoặc rất ít. Xin lỗi vì điều này!

3.2 - (2021.01.13)

Added Google Translate command. Get more information here.
Added eject commands. (nn_eject)
Added cooldown to all commands. Now you will have to wait 3 secs to active the next command.
Remade nn_botstats for more detailed information about the bot.
Bot crashed was likely to be fixed.
Help menu didn't work.
API occured wrong outputs.

3.1.1 - (2021.01.10)

Tôi đã thành công để làm cho bot phát nhạc soundcloud. Bắt đầu ngay bây giờ!!! Music Commands v2 hiện đã sẵn sàng.

3.1 - (2021.01.07)

I have added the track coronavirus cases command. Get more information here.
Added some NSFW commands.
Added more OWNER-ONLY commands.
Remade some Music Commands.
Bugs in game commands were totally resolved.
Misspellings are not here anymore. :3
Some non-working aliases were removed completely out of the bot.

3.0 - (2021.01.03)

I have made an image-generating system. For more details, cilck here: Images Generating Commands.
Replaced the old Music System and the Ticket System.
The Private Voice Commands shall be used without typed the current Category Id. By the way, it won't be released until future announcements.
Do có nhiều lỗi trong hệ thống, nhiều lệnh hiện chỉ có thể được sử dụng với quyền QUẢN TRỊ VIÊN(ADMINISTRATOR). Xin lỗi vì điều n
Fixed crashing commands.
API using abuse has totally been removed.
Some non-working aliases were removed completely out of the bot.

2.1 - (2020.12.27)

nn_poll : make a poll
nn_year-progress: Know how much left will this year pass
nn_ticket : Make a private room to chat with the admin
Info Commands collapsed: nn_userinfo , nn_serverstats , nn_avatar
Pre-published Database Update has appeared. (Secretly)
Improved and optimized some features of the bot.
Fixed some small bugs.